How to Install Window Tint



The hardest part when installing window tint is the cutting, but with our precut window tint you dont have to worry about that anymore, the cutting is already done. Below you can see how to install window tint to get the best possible result. It is also important to be located in a low dust garage when installing window tint to avoid air dust from flying on the tint or window when installing window tint.


You should have the following equipment and window tint tools ready when you begin installing window tint:

Precut Window Tint

Spray bottle


Hard card

Paper towel

Razor blade

Heat gun


1. Clean your windows.
Remove any stickers from the inside of your window, and make sure your windows are absolutely free of any dirt and dust before you apply the window tint to your window. If some dirt is hard to get off you can also use a razor blade carefully on the window, but dont use a razor blade on windows with defrost or antenna wires. Finish the cleaning by spraying on water mixture and wipe it off with a squeegee to make sure there is no paper dust left on the window.
2. Make sure the tint fits perfectly.
Before you apply the window tint to the inside of the window you have to place it on the outside to make sure it fits perfectly to the window. Spray water mixture on the window to make the film stick, and place the window tint in perfect position. If the window is curbed the film may get wrinkles, and then you have to remove them by using a heat gun and a hard card. Warm up the wrinkles with the heat gun while you use the hard card to press them down until the wrinkles disappear.

3. Remove the protection lining.
If youre not able to split the two layers of the window tint apart from each other with your nails, you can also use a razor blade or a knife for this. As soon as you manage to split the layers, start spraying the water mixture on the sticky film while you slowly peel off the protection lining. Dont be afraid to spray on the water mixture, you can never use too much.

4. Apply the tint.
Spray as much water mixture as you can on the inside of the window you want to tint, and apply the film with the sticky side against the window. Slide the film in place so that it fits perfectly on the window.

5. Remove the water.
First remove the outside water with a squeegee, and then use a hard card with a paper towel wrapped around to remove the water between the film and the window. Start in the middle and make a cross, and then continue to go from the middle and out all around the tint until theres no water and air left between the tint and the window. Make sure to dry up all the water, especially around the window.
Wait at least 48 hours before you roll down a window with new tint.
Never use any strong solutions to clean a tinted window on the inside.

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