How to Remove Window Tint

Window tints are made to survive many years with strong sun light, window washing, kids peeling, animals touching and goods from the back of your car that may come in contact with the window tint. Unfortunately this also means that even if you want to remove window tint, they want come easy off. But if you are going to remove window tint this is how to remove window tint.
You should have the following tools ready when you begin removing window tint:

  Heat gun or a blow dryer

  Spray bottle with adhesive remover

  Razor blade



1. Heat up the tint.
Heat up the tint by using a heat gun on the outside of the window, or a blow dryer on the inside. But you dont want to melt the window tint, so be careful if you are using a heat gun. Heating up your window tint will loosen up the adhesive and make it easier when removing window tint.

2. Peel off the tint.
While the window tint is hot, start in a corner to peel off and remove window tint.

3. Remove the adhesive.
After removing window tint there will be adhesive left on the window. Loose up the adhesive by using a spray bottle to spray adhesive remover on the window and let if work for about 10 minutes. Then use a razor blade carefully to get the adhesive loose, and clean it all up with a cloth.
PS: Be careful using a razor blade and much heat on windows that have defrost or antenna wires when you remove window tint.

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